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Many times in the midst of our development projects, the lines between software development and web development become extremely blurred.  That's why when selecting a group to create your product, especially with technology quickly moving toward more and more web-enabled devices, you need to select multi-talented individuals.  As previously noted, we have specialized expertise in streaming media technologies, as well as a wealth of experience developing web content for both desktop and wireless devices.  Our staff has been involved in high-profile web design projects for high-profile clients such as the NBA, Convera, Quokka Sports, NBCOlympics.com, Hewlett-Packard, and not just large big-name companies, but businesses of all formations and sizes, even down to individually owned businesses and real estate agents.

Since web development is really our specialty, and even when involved with software development projects, most are typically network-enabled in some fashion rather than legacy applications.  Often, many of our web development projects become so advanced that, in a sense, they could be called web software applications rather than simply websites.  Since it is therefore our view that the development model for software and web projects are virtually the same, we have the ability to cross this line seamlessly.  This approach can add quite a bit of value to the end result of your project, and allows you to focus your energies on the desired result rather than the technology used.  The end results are that your completed vision becomes reality.

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