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We have specialized expertise in streaming media technologies, and software development experience creating custom desktop, enterprise, and wireless applications for various client devices.  Our staff has been involved in high-profile projects for high-profile clients such as the NBA, Intel Corporation, Convera, and Quokka Sports, using programming languages and technologies such as Java (J2ME and J2EE), Microsoft Visual Basic, eMbedded Visual Basic, ActiveX\COM\DCOM, XML, database technologies such as ADO, DAO, ODBC, JDBC, DSN, and RDBMS’ such as Microsoft SQL Server, Access, and Oracle, on Windows, Linux, and UNIX platforms, as well as several web and wireless technologies while involved with these and other projects.

You may be thinking, "Wow, that's a lot of acronyms."  If you're a non-technical user, you need not be frightened or even concerned with these acronyms.  What these do mean to you is that virtually any project you are undertaking, Area 99 Designs can likely assist you, and has well-qualified staff up to the task. 

Our software developers use industry-standard practices when working with client projects.  These include source & version control, debugging, profiling, benchmarking, and QA testing.  Typically, the only limitations imposed upon the extent of development of your project are your and our collective imagination, and your budget.  However, with our economically-sensitive rates, there's no reason not to see for yourself why Area 99 Designs has been so successful over the years.

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